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Кертисс XF15C-1

CountrySTANY zjednoczone
TypMieszane silników prototypu myśliwca
FotografWładimir Якубов

Album 67 zdjęcia spacer wokół "Кертисс XF15C-1"

Galeria zdjęć Кертисс XF15C-1, The Кертисс XF15C-1 was a mixed-propulsion fighter prototype of the 1940s. The first flight of the first prototype was on 27 February 1945, without the turbojet installed. When this was completed in April of the same year, the aircraft flew several mixed-power trials, however on May 8 it crashed on a landing approach. The second prototype flew for the first time on 9 July, again in 1945, and was soon followed by a third prototype. Both aircraft showed promise, however by October 1946 the Navy had lost interest in the mixed-power concept and cancelled further development.

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Czekać, wyszukiwanie curtiss XF15C-1...

ProducentSamolot кертисс i silnikiem firmy
Pierwszy lot27 stycznia 1945 roku
Liczba wybudowanych3

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