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B1 bis

Country France
Type Heavy tank

Album 46 photos du tank Renault B1bis

Photo gallery on a char B1 bis, The char B1 is a heavy armored, designed in France during the 1930s. This char is often improperly called Renault B1 but Renault was the largest producer. The B1 was developed and produced by a group of companies, FAMH, FCM and AMX, working together, under the technical direction of the arsenal of Rueil. Its design and implementation of production were lengthy and expensive, so much so that at the entry in war of France, in September 1939, very little had been produced. Thanks to an industrial effort is important, their number increased rapidly during the phoney war, but, according to some, such as colonel Charles de Gaulle, this effort would have been better invested in tanks easier to produce like the D2.
B1 : first version produced, shielding to 40 mm, turret APX-1 with canon SA34, Renault engine of 250 hp. Serial numbers between 101 and 135, 35 copies made.
B1 bis : second production version, armor increased to 60 mm on the front, and 55 mm on the sides, turret APX-4, with canon SA35, Renault engine of 300 hp. Serial numbers between 201 and 856, according to different manufacturers, 369 copies made.

Source: Char B1 bis on Wikipedia

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