Kriger Infanteri Kampene Kjøretøy

Kriger spores pansrede kjøretøy

Type Pansrede kjøretøy
Fotografi Tony
Finn Ukjent
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The Warrior tracked vehicle family is a series of British armoured vehicles, originally developed to replace the older FV430 series of armoured vehicles. The Warrior started life as the MCV-80 project that was first broached in the 1970s, GKN Sankey/Defence winning the production contract in 1980. GKN Defence was subsequently purchased by BAE Systems (via Alvis plc). A total of 789 FV510 and variants were manufactured for the British Army, and 254 of a modified version (Desert Warrior) were produced for the Kuwaiti Army.

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Wait, Searching Warrior tracked armoured vehicle for you…
Designer GKN Sankey / GKN Defence
Produsent GKN Sankey/BAe Systems
Antall bygget 1,000+
Vekt 25.4 tonnes
Lengde 6.3 m
Bredde 3.03 m
Høyde 2.8 m
Mannskap 3 (commander, gunner, driver) + 7 troops
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