Stormartillerivagn M-43

Stormartillerivagn M-43

TipasPėstininkų kovos su transporto priemonės
NuotraukaTim Roberts

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Foto galerija a Stormartillerivagn M-43, Stormartillerivagn m/43 (Sav m/43) (English: Assault artillery wagon model 1943) was an assault gun based on Stridsvagn m/41 SII chassis, a Swedish development of a license-built Czech TNH medium tank. The Sav m/43 was first armed with a 75 mm gun, later they were rearmed with a 105 mm m/44 gun.

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Wait, Searching Stormartillerivagn M-43 for you…

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