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유형 의 전체 추적 105mm 포
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앨범의 80 사진 M52A1

Photo galery of a M52A1,
This was the first U.S. self-propelled artillery piece to have a fully enclosed turret. The beginning of the Cold War with the Soviet Union drove the Army to require overhead protection for the crew from enemy artillery and small arms fire, as well as nuclear and chemical warfare.

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Wait, Searching M52A1 for you…

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멩 모이는 군 모델 TS-012 독일 PZH2000 현대적 자주
멩 TS022 1/35 155mm 자체 추진 중국어 PLZ05 규모의 군사 AFV 어셈블리 모델을 구축 장비 TTH
TS-022 모델 1/35 중국어 멩 PLZ05 155mm 자체 추진 중국 육군 탱크

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