アルバム 33 写真歩-"M75APC"

Photo gallery of a M75 APC, The M75装甲歩兵車 is an American armored personnel carrier that was produced between December 1952 and February 1954, and saw service in the Korean War. It was replaced in U.S. service by the smaller, cheaper, amphibious M59. The M75s were given as military aid to Belgium, where they were used until the early 1980s. 1,729 M75s were built before production was halted.

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Wait, Searching M75 APC photos for you…
Wait, Searching M75 APC for you…

サービスの歴史 In service : 1952-late 1950s Used by : United States, Belgium Wars : Korean War 生産履歴 Manufacturer : International Harvester Corporation Number built : 1,729
仕様 Weight : 18,800kg Length : 5.2m Width : 2.85m Height : 2.75m Main armament : M2 Browning machine gun Operational range : 185km Speed : 69km/h


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