UH-1C Huey Helicopter - HOBBY BOSS 85803

Hobby Boss

Subject UH-1C Huey Helicopter
Scale 1/48
Ref 85803
Code Huey Hobby Boss

A model of the brand HobbyBoss the kit : UH-1C Huey Helicopter – HOBBY BOSS 85803

Features :
The kit consists of over 30 parts , includes 5 clear parts for canopy
– fuselage with finely engraved panel lines

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois, commonly known as the “Huey”, is a multipurpose military helicopter, was developed from 1955 US Army trials with the Bell Model 204. The initial designation of HU-1 (helicopter utility) led to its nickname, Huey. It was first used by the military in 1959 and went into tri-service production in 1962 as the UH-1. The last were produced in 1976 with more than 16,000 made in total, of which about 7,000 saw use during the Vietnam War and famous for its use in the Vietnam War.

Source: UH-1C Huey Helicopter on Hobby Boss

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UH-1C Huey Helicopter - HOBBY BOSS 85803
UH-1C Huey Helicopter – HOBBY BOSS 85803
UH-1C Huey Helicopter - HOBBY BOSS 85803
UH-1C Huey Helicopter – HOBBY BOSS 85803
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