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Ordnance QF 6-tampija

Riik UK
Tüüp Anti-tank gun sõda
Periood ww2

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Photo gallery of a Ordnance QF 6-pounder.

Euroopa Ordnance Kiire-Süütamise 6-tampija 7 cwt, or just 6 pounder, was a British 57 mm gun, their primary anti-tank gun during the middle of World War II, as well as the main armament for a number of armoured fighting vehicles. It was first used in North Africa in April 1942, and quickly replaced the 2 pounder in the anti-tank role, allowing the 25 pounder to revert to its intended artillery role. The United States Army also adopted the 6 pdr as their primary anti-tank gun under the designation 57 mm Gun M1.

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