Briti 9.2 tolline Haubitsad

Briti 9.2 tolline Haubitsad

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Pildigalerii a Briti 9.2 tolline Haubitsad, The Ordnance BL 9.2-inch howitzer was the principal counter-battery equipment of British forces in France in World War I. It equipped a substantial number of siege batteries of the Royal Garrison Artillery. It remained in service until about the middle of World War II.

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  • 9 2インチ榴弾砲
  • British 9 2 seige howitzer blueprints
  • 9 2インチ砲
  • BL9 2インチ榴弾砲
  • sovětská houfnice 203 mm howitzer
  • obus 9 pulgadas
  • moździerz brytyjski 107 mm
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  • 9 2 howitzer
  • гаубица BL 9 2-inch howitzer

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