Paul Wilmshurst - BBC Ιστορία του β ' Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου: Χιροσίμα

BBC History of World War II: Hiroshima

Είδος Ταινίας : Ιστορία

Θέμα : 18/07/2006
Συγγραφέας : Paul Wilmshurst
Στούντιο παραγωγής : BBC Worldwide
Διάρκεια : 92
Χώρα : Ηνωμένο βασίλειο
Γλώσσες : Αγγλικά
Γλώσσα : σε
Δίσκοι : 1
Media : DVD
Μορφή Βίντεο : NTSC
Ήχος : Stereo
Περιοχή : 1
IMdB : 0475296
UPC : 0794051259820
Πρωταγωνιστούν : John Hurt, Noboru Akima, George Anton, Fred Ashworth, Robert Austin

Περίληψη : It was the defining moment of the 20th Century - the scientific, technological, military, and political gamble of the first atomic attack. This drama-documentary attempts to do what no other film has done before - to show what it is like to live through a nuclear explosion. Set in the three weeks from the test explosion in New Mexico to the dropping of the bomb, the action takes viewers into the room where the crucial political decisions are made; on board the Enola Gay; inside the bomb as it explodes; and on the streets of Hiroshima.
Paul Wilmshurst - BBC Ιστορία του β ' Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου: Χιροσίμα
My Father Was There March 29, 2007
I am from Hiroshima. My father was 15 years old and was deployed as a student worker at a ship yard at the time. He does not talk much about his experience, but told me bits and pieces about what he saw. When I was an elementary school student, we had to watch the video footage of the victims that was extremely graphic. So nothing in this program was new to me, although it was very interesting to see how nuclear fusions started inside the bomb.

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