International Harvester M-2-4-233

International Harvester M-2-4-233

Type1 ton Fragt Lastbil
FotoVladimir Yakubov
FindMVCC Camp Delta 2012
BeskrivelseAlbum 33 fotos walk-around "International Harvester M-2-4-233"

Foto galleri af en International Harvester M-2-4-233, The M-2-4 is a one-ton, two-axle, four-wheel-drive cargo truck built by I.H.C. and supplied to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps during WWII. Production of the 1-ton M-2-4 began in 1941 with an order for 584 cargo trucks. The vast majority of these were open-cab cargo trucks, but a few were built with closed civilian “K” cabs with military fenders and hoods. Winches were furnished on 70 of the 584 trucks. The balance of the 10,450 vehicles were open-cab cargo trucks.

Kilde: International Harvester M-2-4-233 på Ewarbirds

Vent, der Søger International Harvester M-2-4-233 billeder til dig...
Vent, der Søger International Harvester M-2-4-233 for dig...

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