OS 105mm M2A2 Felt Pistol

OS 105mm M2A2 Felt Pistol

FotoVladimir Yakubov
FindMusee de l ' Armee, Paris
BeskrivelseAlbum 66 fotos walk-around af en "OS 105mm M2A2 Felt Gun"

Foto galleri af en OS 105mm M2A2 Felt Pistol, The 105 mm M2A1 (M101A1) howitzer was a howitzer developed and used by the United States. It was the standard U.S. light field howitzer in World War II and saw action in both the European and Pacific theaters. Entering production in 1941, it quickly gained a reputation for accuracy and a powerful punch. The M101A1 fired 105-millimetre (4.1 in) high explosive (HE) semi-fixed ammunition and had a range of 11,270 metres (12,330 yd), making it suitable for supporting infantry. M2A2 : modificeret skjold

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Vent, Søger OS 105mm M2A2 Felt Kanon billeder til dig...
Vent, Søger OS 105mm M2A2 Felt Pistol for dig...

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