Mig-19PF - Shenyang J-6

Mig-19PF – Shenyang J-6A

FotografieVladimír Yakubov

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Fotogalerie Mig-19PF – Shenyang J-6A, The Shenyang J-6 (Chinese: 歼-6; designated F-6 for export versions; NATO Code: Farmer) was the Chinese-built version of the Soviet MiG-19 ‘Farmer’ fighter aircraft. Although the MiG-19 had a comparatively short life in Soviet service, the Chinese came to value its agility, turning performance, and powerful cannon armament, and produced it for their own use between 1958 and 1981. While the basic Soviet-designed MiG-19 has been retired from all nations, the Shenyang J-6 still flies for nine of its original 15 operators, however, in a very limited capacity. The J-6 airframe contributed to the Chinese ground attack version, the Q-5, which still flies for numerous nations. The J-6 was considered “disposable” and was intended to be operated for only 100 flight hours (or approximately 100 sorties) before being overhauled. The Pakistan Air Force was often able to extend this to 130 hours with diligent maintenance.

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Čekání, Hledání Mig-19PF – Shenyang J-6A fotografie pro vás...
Čekání, Hledání Mig-19PF – Shenyang J-6A pro vás...
MiG-19 Farmer Chodit
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