Tatra 813 Kolos

Tatra 813 Kolos

Държава Чехословакия
Тип Камион
Снимка Марсилия фон Хобе
Период 1967-1982

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Фото галерия Tatra 813 Kolos,
Tatra T813 was a truck produced in Czechoslovakia by the Tatra company.
The first prototype already built in 1960 utilized existing Tatra T138 assemblies in 4×4 full-time all-wheel drive, which was also another first for Tatra. After the initial trials however the designers decided to develop and expand the concepts onto 8×8 all-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle. The basis of the design thus became the modular chassis of T813. Successor is the Tatra T815 model.

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