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Албум 151 снимка резервоар RM-70 MLR

The RM-70 (raketomet vzor 1970) multiple rocket launcher is a Czechoslovakian army version and the heavier variant of the BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher, providing enhanced performance over its parent area-saturation artillery system that was introduced in 1971 (but the NATO designation is M1972).
RM-70 was developed in Czechoslovakia as a successor for the RM-51, achieving initial operational capability with its Army in 1972. The launcher was being produced in Dubnica nad Váhom (Slovakia). Originally, it was sold to East Germany. After the Soviet Union collapse and the split of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, it was sold to several states in Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

Източник: RM-70 MLR Уикипедия

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