Крещи! Фабрика - бойно поле - Виетнам ТЭТ


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Въпрос : 21/09/2010
Producer : Крещи! Фабрика
Студио : Крещи! Фабрика / Вечен МЕДИИ
Продължителност : 180
Езици : Английски
Език : в
Cd-та : 3
МЕДИИ : DVD-диск
Характеристики : Бокс-сет
Формат На Видео : В NTSC
Регион : 1
UPC : 0011301667151
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Резюме : BATTLEFIELD - Vietnam TET! In 1968, National Liberation Front guerrillas (Viet Cong) and North Vietnam Army troops launched a massive offensive against the cities and towns in South Vietnam. For three years, the insurgents had been trying to wear down the South, but they now staked everything on a desperate all-out bid for victory. Although the Tet Offensive proved to be the beginning of the end for South Vietnam, it was the worst defeat suffered by the Communists in thirty years. Now for the first time, TMG and NBC Universal bring you these detailed accounts of the pivotal battles of the Vietnam War. Each episode covers one great battle, featuring portraits of the leaders and commanders, explanations of weapons and tactics, a review of the political and military situation leading up to the battle, troop deployment, and the story of the battle itself. Narrated by Gavin McFadyen (Treasure Seekers, Africa's Forgotten Kingdom). Watch rare archival footage from vaults around the world!
Крещи! Фабрика - бойно поле - Виетнам ТЭТ
TET August 11, 2011
All the relevant information. What I like most about Battlefield is that they don’t present a biased presentation. They give both sides good or bad.

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